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WWSET Pleased to Launch Strategic Plan 2018-21

01 Aug WWSET Pleased to Launch Strategic Plan 2018-21

Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust are the charitable arm of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club and we exist in order to assist the club achieve its passionate commitment to being of benefit to the local community.

The role of WWSET involves harnessing the appeal of the Wycombe Wanderers brand to engage with as many people as possible, regardless of personal characteristics or demographics, and provide them with positive experiences via the delivery of an exciting and appealing range of projects and activities.

The charities efforts, all of which aim to help local people achieve personal progressions and outcomes, focus on delivering activity in 4 key areas, namely; HEALTH, EDUCATION, SPORTS PARTICIPATION and SOCIAL INCLUSION.

Furthermore, whilst engaging the community with our diverse array of projects, we also hope to provide positive exposure of the WWFC badge across the county of Buckinghamshire at all times in order to increase the interest in, and reputation of, the Chairboys.

Due to our continued growth over the past few seasons WWSET were at the stage a few months ago where we decided it would be beneficial to take an introspective look at ourselves and formulate a ‘Strategic Plan’ that dictates how we move forward effectively in order to satisfy our charitable aims and be of maximum benefit to the community we serve.

Subsequently, following a detailed consultation period that involved liaising with all our staff members plus a wide range of external stakeholders, we are pleased to launch our official “WWSET Strategic Plan 2018-21”.

The Strategic Plan centres around 3 core objectives, all of which have 7 pertinent points attached to them which, if successfully actioned, will ensure that we prosper over the period of the plan. A list of these objectives and their associated action points can be seen below:


  • Always attract, recruit and retain employees of the highest calibre and support them to thrive;
  • Develop and deliver a detailed performance management framework;
  • Always implement robust quality assurance measures and have the ability to evidence findings;
  • Offer comprehensive staff training and progression opportunities according to needs;
  • Maintain a positive and productive working environment;
  • Provide complete clarity around the aims and objectives of everything we do;
  • Continually critically appraise and refine our governance and operations, paying particular attention to health & safety, safeguarding and risk management.


  • Develop our understanding of the local social landscape and the needs of our community;
  • Provide interventions that satisfy the needs of our whole community, but particularly those who would benefit most from engagement;
  • Forge strategic partnerships and relationships that assist us in satisfying our community’s needs;
  • Deliver interventions that educate, motivate, and inspire positive change and help develop valuable skills-for-life;
  • Continually seek ways to maximise participation and retention levels across all activities;
  • Foster a culture of growth and innovation concerned with developing new and exciting activities and programmes;
  • Always ensure we have the means to measure and evidence our impact in order to generate positive public, political and commercial interest.


  • Nurture our relationship with Wycombe Wanderers Football Club so that together we can be a positive force for community development;
  • Continually seek to increase brand reputation and people’s awareness of who we are and what we do;
  • Increase and diversify our income streams;
  • Grow the staff team with high quality personnel that complement our existing skill-set;
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement by learning from what we’ve done and using that learning to further develop ourselves;
  • Always adhere to strict financial controls in order to be financially responsible and viable;
  • Always operate in accordance with legal, moral and best practice standards.

Head of WWSET Paul Foley had the following to say about the creation of the new plan:

“Like any organisation that wants to succeed, we recognised that it was imperative to first take the time to evaluate what success looks like for us; only then could we map out the steps that needed to be taken to reach our end goal. We’re really excited about the launch of our new Strategic Plan 2018-21 and are confident that by continually working hard to satisfy the objectives listed within it, we will go from strength to strength over the next 3 years, and add huge value to both the football club and the local community, which is our ultimate goal.”

Wycombe Wanderers FC Chairman, Trevor Stroud, was kind enough to write a foreword for the WWSET Strategic Plan, and the following is an extract taken from it which echo Pauls sentiments:

“Ensuring a one club approach to everything Wycombe Wanderers does will allow us to develop our standards both on and off the pitch for the benefit of everybody in the town of High Wycombe. It’s for this reason that Wycombe Wanderers are happy to throw the full weight of their support behind WWSET, and to assist them in whatever ways we can to satisfy the strategic aims they have identified within their plan as being critical to their success. I am keen to ensure that Wycombe Wanderers FC interacts with all sectors of the local community and WWSET, with all the great work they do and their plans for future expansion, is the perfect vehicle to help us to achieve this aim. I very much look forward to further supporting and advocating the excellent work our clubs charitable organisation carry out, and to further developing our strong collaborative working relationship with WWSET over the next 3 years of their strategic plan, and beyond.”

A full copy of the WWSET Strategic Plan 2018-21 can be viewed by clicking the following link: WWSET Strategic Plan 2018-21

We are hoping that as many people as possible will join us on this new chapter of our journey and look forward to our paths crossing over the coming months and years!