WWSET Launch Premier League Kicks Programme | Wycombe Wanderers
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WWSET Launch Premier League Kicks Programme

10 Dec WWSET Launch Premier League Kicks Programme

Following the receipt of funding from the Premier League, WWSET are pleased to announce the launch of our Premier League Kicks programme which will commence in January 2020.

For those who haven’t heard of Premier League Kicks before it’s one of the Premier Leagues flagship programmes and has been running since 2006, and uses the power of football and the value of sports participation to help youngsters in some of the most high-need areas within local communities.

Premier League Kicks gives young people access to free football sessions, sports sessions and workshops, providing them with opportunities, support and pathways to achieve their full potential.

It involves club community organisations such as WWSET working closely with young people and authorities in their local area, including police and other key partners, to create stronger, safer and more inclusive communities.

By engaging young people in constructive activities, including a wide variety of sports, plus projects focused on areas such as coaching, music and educational and personal development, communities up and down the country have been transformed with impressive football and sports participation rates and the authorities reporting significant reductions in anti-social behaviour in the areas in which it is delivered.

The latest Premier League Kicks vision is:

  • To inspire children and young people to achieve their potential and improve their wellbeing; working together to build stronger, safer and more inclusive communities.

With a mission statement to:

  • Use the reach and appeal of the Premier League and network of professional football clubs to regularly engage children and young people of all backgrounds and abilities in football, sport and personal development – providing a trusted, positive influence in high-need areas across England and Wales.

PL Kicks stated aims are to:

  • Increase playing, coaching and officiating opportunities in football and a range of sports (8-18yrs);
  • Enhance physical and mental wellbeing, including self-esteem, ambition and social skills;
  • Strengthen communities with a culture of volunteering, social action and positive role models – supporting education, training and employment pathways (focusing on 16-25yrs);
  • Work in partnership with young people, the police and other stakeholders to support the younger generation with the societal challenges they face (eg youth violence) and to improve community safety;
  • Inspire young people to develop positive, supportive relationships with one another and the authorities;
  • Promote integration and champion equality, diversity and inclusion.


WWSET’s Premier League Kicks programme will involve the following:

Girls Active:   

Where:            Green Street Youth Centre, HP11 2RA

When:              Wednesdays 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Who:                Girls aged 12 – 18 years old


Where:            Joicey’s Boxing Gym, HP11 2PF

When:              Thursdays 5:30 – 6:30pm

Who:                Boys aged 15 – 18


Where:            Highcrest Academy, HP13 7QN (Sports hall in winter, astroturf in summer)

When:              Fridays 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Who:                Mixed aged 12- 18


Where:            Cressex Football Centre, HP12 4QA

When:              Saturdays Session 1: 5:00 –  6:00pm / Session 2: 6:00 – 7:00pm

Who:                Session 1: Mixed aged 8 – 12 / Session 2: Mixed aged 13 – 18

All of the WWSET Premier League Kicks sessions will run from the week beginning Monday 13th January 2020 during academic terms plus summer holidays, AND ALL OF THEM ARE FREE TO ATTEND!

For further information please see the WWSET Premier League Kicks Flyer by clicking on the following link:

Premier League Kicks Flyer