WWSET Launch #PlayTheRightWay Internet Safety Initiative | Wycombe Wanderers
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WWSET Launch #PlayTheRightWay Internet Safety Initiative

27 Feb WWSET Launch #PlayTheRightWay Internet Safety Initiative

WWSET Launch #PlayTheRightWay Internet Safety Initiative

Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust, the charitable arm of Wycombe Wanderers FC, are excited to announce the launch of a new internet safety education programme aimed at local primary school children, called #PlayTheRightWay.

The internet can be an amazing place for people of all ages. It can be fun, interesting, educational and can provide huge positives in countless ways. But it can also be dangerous! There is harmful content online, and also people who use the internet for personal gain regardless of the negative effects their behaviour can have on others. It’s imperative that youngsters are aware of this fact. Society as a whole has a responsibility to teach young people about the dangers that the internet can pose, how to use the internet without putting yourself at unnecessary risk and where to go for support should it be required. The #PlayTheRightWay programme will teach all the children who take part about these things, and will allow them to explore the wonderful resource that the web can be in a safe and responsible way.

The programme is available to 12 different primary schools and allows each one to bring up to 30 children from years 5 and/or 6 to Adams Park Stadium to take part in a day of workshops. All of the workshops are designed to help educate the children on the dangers that the internet can pose, and how to minimise the risk of harm while using online devices. Specific topics that will be covered include:

  • Should you believe everything you read online?
  • Should you always believe people are who they say they are?
  • Staying safe in chat-rooms
  • What information should you not give out?
  • Posting pictures / videos
  • How others can use your information
  • Respecting the views and feelings of others
  • Online bullying

In addition to the workshops all participants will be taken on a guided “behind-the-scenes” tour of Adams Park Stadium, and will have the chance to complete the “daily mile” challenge around the pitch should they wish to. All attendees will also have the chance to win prizes throughout the day, and everybody who takes part will be given two tickets to attend a Wycombe Wanderers FC home match free of charge thanks to the generous support of the football club!

Following the launch of the project, WWSET’s Education Manager Mark Heath had the following to say:

“In today’s modern world children are online at school, at home and with their friends. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and media players mean they can use the internet whenever they want and wherever they go. Children are learning to navigate the world and they tend to be enthusiastic and trusting. The flip side of these wonderful qualities is that they can lack caution and the ability to know when they might be at risk. When we meet people face to face, they give us multiple cues that help us understand whether their intentions are good or bad. The internet masks these signals and it’s far more difficult to tell whether a person you meet online really is who and what they say they are. Considering the above, it’s vital that we teach all children how to use the internet safely.”

If you know of a school that may like to get involved in the #PlayTheRightWay project please contact Mark (mark.heath@wwfc.com) who will be happy to help. Please note that there are only twelve dates available and these will be booked on a first come-first served basis.

The dates available are:

  • 25th April 2019
  • 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd May 2019
  • 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June 2019
  • 4th, 11th, 18th July 2019


Alternatively, if you have any questions about the #PlayTheRightWay project please don’t hesitate to contact WWSET on 01494 455736 or via Twitter @WW_SET