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WWSET are now “streetmarked” Certified with StreetGames

18 Jul WWSET are now “streetmarked” Certified with StreetGames

WWSET are now “streetmarked” Certified with StreetGames. This means we can apply for street games funding of which their next round deadline is Friday!

This means we can apply for street games funding which will benefit programmes we run like our Saturday evening Street League Soccer and our Health related projects!

If you are not familiar with StreetGames..

Through sport, the StreetGames Network changes lives, changes sport and changes communities 

The StreetGames charity was set up by half a dozen organisers of neighbourhood sports projects. In 2005 they came together to make the sport more widely available for disadvantaged young people and to maximise the power of sport to change young lives and to change disadvantaged communities.

These founding organisers have experienced workers in community regeneration programmes or they were involved in Sport England’s programme of 9 Sport Action Zones. Some founders were part of both programmes.

The StreetGames pilot programme was run by the Football Foundation and the New Deal for Communities regeneration programme. Two years after deciding to set up the charity, StreetGames secured funding from the Sport England Lottery and officially launched in January 2007.

StreetGames promotes Doorstep Sport – that is a sport in disadvantaged communities that takes place at the right time, at the right place, in the right style and at the right price.

StreetGames Growth

StreetGames manages the network of Doorstep Sports providers. There are over 600 organisations in the network. They are community groups, local authorities, sports clubs and other types of organisations that are concerned with the well being of disadvantaged young people.  StreetGames does not own or control these organisations – they are independent and shaped by the needs of the young people in their own neighbourhood. 

StreetGames started meaningful activity in Wales 2009, and in February 2012 we launched a programme supported by Sports Wales and Welsh Government’s Communities First Program to increase sporting opportunities in every Communities First cluster

In Wales, we currently work with 44 out of the 52 Community First clusters. Over 18,323 Young people have benefited directly from StreetGames activity. The network is continuing to grow with over 150 national and regional organisations involved across the nation.

StreetGames also works with the national governing bodies of sport to help them to grow their sport amongst disadvantaged young people. This work is important because disadvantaged young people participate in the sport less frequently than their more affluent peers.