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Saturday Morning Parent Information

12 Apr Saturday Morning Parent Information

   Saturday Morning club coaching syllabus


Our aim for Wycombe Wanderers Saturday morning football club is provide high quality coaching of the FUNdemental’s of football in an enjoyable environment where the children are challenged appropriately according to their age and ability.

The main purpose of the Saturday morning club is to have fun using a variety of constant, variable, and random practices. We do have progression routes to our development centre and elite Academy if we feel children are ready.


During our coaching blocks, which can vary between 5 -7 weeks, each Saturday will consist of a coaching theme where the coaches will introduce the children to fun and enjoyable sessions linked to the topic that week.  The order of these themes will be as follows…

8 week blocks


  • Week 1: Ball Familiarization– Gives children the opportunity to get used to having the ball at their feet and also gives the coach the opportunity to see what the children can do.
  • Week 2: space awareness– Fun games with and without the ball to understand the importance of being aware of how much or how little space you have.
  • Week 3: Dribbling techniques– Exploring different ways to move the football with the coach challenging the children to use different surfaces of the foot.
  • Week 4: Turning– Using turns to change direction and deceive opposition. Learning the technique through constant practice followed by a varied practice to learn when to use turns.
  • Week 5: Shielding and Protecting– Learning how to use your body to protect and shield the ball & learning when to use the skill.
  • Week 6: Passing– Discovering the technique of passing with fun games and activities with the coach breaking down the technique step by step.
  • Week 7: Finishing– Fun and enjoyable sessions based around the decision making of shooting.  Allowing children to enjoy the feeling of scoring goals!
  • Week 8: 1v1 Attacking & Defending– Fun introduction to the key principles of 1v1’s with challenges and incentives to regain possession.


                                                             Coaching format

In each session we like to structure the session as whole-part-whole. The whole part is a random practice for example playing a match then the part practice will be a mixture of constant and variable. This is an enjoyable and fun way to break down and introduce a coaching topic. We believe each session should include constant, variable, and random practices to create an environment where children can improve. Another advantage of a whole-part-whole format as well as being fun is players who arrive a little late can jump straight into the session with ease.


Constant – players repeat a certain drill many times in a row with no change in difficulty or interference. An example might be two players standing 10 yards apart, and simply using the inside of their feet to pass, control and pass back.

Variable – where the size or conditions of the drill ask the player to think a little more. passing to each other in a small area, with other pairs of players also passing a ball in the same are. There is movement, decision making and bodies in the way which causes interference, but still no opposition as experienced in a match.

Random – where the drill mimics the game of football as closely as possible. with opposition. With a defender trying to tackle or intercept. Pressure on the player to act quickly.