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Premier League

08 Aug Premier League

In autumn 2015, the Premier League made a commitment to the government to expand its schools offer to every primary school in England and Wales by 2022 via the PLPS programme, which uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

The programme design involves professional football club staff working with their local schools to deliver fun, educational sessions in a range of subjects to inspire girls and boys aged 5-11 in the classroom, the playground and on the sports field. Learning is connected to the real world of sport to enthuse pupils when tackling challenging PSHE topics such as resilience, diversity, self-esteem and fair-play.

The Premier League values underpin everything on offer and attempt to encourage children to:

  • Be ambitious – work hard and never give up on their goals
  • Be inspiring – set a great example to others
  • Be connected –work well with others and in a team
  • Be fair – treat people equally and think of others

Participating schools also have the opportunity to apply for free kit and equipment, plus books from celebrated children’s authors. Every school also receives a free values incentive pack with stickers and certificates to reward the positive behaviour and achievements of their students.

During the 2016/17 season, WWSET delivered a PLPS programme that provided targeted P.E mentoring support to 32 local primary school teachers in areas such as:

  • Strategies to manage/challenge participants of different abilities;
  • Enhancing knowledge of different types of PE practices (e.g. constant/variable/random activities);
  • Ways in which to maximise levels of individual activity;
  • Methods to achieve participant ownership and involvement;
  • Methods (and the importance) of measuring participant understanding & progress;
  • Ways of adapting sessions depending on the venue/environment/equipment available;
  • Ensuring maximum levels of individual enjoyment and motivation;
  • Linking sessions to other areas of the school curriculum (e.g.; Math’s, English, Geography, History etc.)

The free support involved working with teachers for 10 weeks taking them on a journey which explored their strengths and areas for improvement when delivering PE, before formulating a personalised plan of action for each one which sought to maximise the productivity of their sessions.

Fantastic development results were achieved, as demonstrated by the graph below which shows participating teachers abilities before and after taking part:

In addition to the above WWSET’s delivery also involved running extra-curricular sports clubs for participating schools, many of which targeted pupils that weren’t taking part in the regular physical activity, as well as running a PLPS football tournament on the Adams Park pitch for local school children. Furthermore, WWSET facilitated an FA Teachers Award delivered in partnership with the FA Education department which saw 22 trainee teachers at Chepping View Academy spend a day learning about PE delivery best practice via theoretical group work sessions and practical demonstrations. The FA Teachers Award was extremely well received by the trainees who highlighted the fun, simple, and adaptable games taught as being the most beneficial learning outcome.

One of the first schools to sign up in 16/17 was Hughenden Primary, and their P.E coordinator had this to say about the programme…

“Managing the differences in abilities amongst my pupil’s during PE lessons was an area I wanted to improve. Thanks to the Premier League Primary Stars programme delivered by WWSET I now have some great ideas and techniques which allow me to ensure that all children feel challenged at an appropriate level no matter what their ability or experience.”

The success of last season’s programme, which was expertly delivered by our dedicated PLPS Coordinator Jay Hamon, has resulted in the Premier League agreeing further increased funding for WWSET which will allow us to increase our offer for the 17/18 season to include dedicated classroom based literacy and numeracy support to local children using football as a way to engage them to learn. In addition, we’re also in the position to be able to offer further sports participation opportunities to local youngsters, particularly girls, those who have current or potential health issues, those living in areas of social deprivation, those on free school meals, and those who don’t speak English as a first language, all of whom traditionally don’t participate in exercise as much as they could and should.

With schools now booked in to participate in the first academic term after the summer holidays, Jay Hamon is looking forward to beginning delivery again…

“The PLPS programme is a fantastic way in which we can achieve our charitable aims by having a huge positive effect on local children’s health and education. The programme allows us to use the WWFC badge to not only inspire kids to enjoy sport and learning, but also teach them vital social skills that will assist them in growing up to be well-rounded individuals”.