Mosque League Report- Match day 3 | Wycombe Wanderers
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Mosque League Report- Match day 3

19 Feb Mosque League Report- Match day 3

Mosque League


Block 2 – Match day  3


Match day 3 saw all 5 teams play and it was another evening where we were once again treated to some brilliant football but also moments of nerves, excitement and thrills.

Chesham                     0-0                   WISE A

What a tussle this was. Two of the favourites and the match lived up to its billing with some thrilling football. It was the 1st 0-0 of the league and it was most exciting 0-0 you could ever have.

Both teams started of attentively and you could see they knew the importance of game. The early exchanges were even, with both teams being very cautious and not wanting to concede the 1st goal.

Chesham knew they needed to be at their best and one of the things that let them down last league was their inability to field their 1st team on a consistent basis. For that reason, they made sure they had Toqeer, last year top goal scorer for this game, even though he was injured and not fully fit. Having said that, he should have had at least had a hat-trick on the night but he was having one of those nights that all strikers do. Couples with some poor finishing and some brilliant goal keeping from WISE A Goal Keeper Siraaj, Toqeer could not find a goal. His movement, creating space and runs were still there but the lacking of finishing touch that has served him and Chesham so well, was not there tonight. Chesham were opening WISE A up with some great play but goal that they craved alluded them.

On the other side WISE A were in the same position. They were playing some great football, keeping the ball brilliantly with some wonderful passing and movement but they had they were having the same problem as Chesham, finding a Goal Keeper on form and some poor strikes and finishing. They opened Chesham up a number of times but that composure was lacking in front of goal for them. Chesham had brought in Imran, a veteran of the game, who was playing at the back with Sheroz, and both of them were having a blinder. The experience of Imran and know how was proving to be very effective and his solid performance in reading game, hard tackling and leadership was a key for WISE A not finding a way through. To be fair to WISE A, they were missing Irfan, they top goal scorer and finishing and you could see they needed him on the night.

The battle was very hard, tense but fair from both teams, especially in the middle of the park.

In the end, the game ended 0-0, but the score line did not tell half the story. It was cracking match and this point could be crucial for both teams going forward.

Aylesbury                    3-2                   MEC

On pitch 2, Aylesbury played new boys MEC and this also proved to be another belter.

Aylesbury started off the better and dominated the game from kick off. They got into their flow straight away and even thou they had couple of players missing; this is a team of players who know their roles and game. The passing and moving is their signature and they were true to that.

MEC were having all sorts of problems with Aylesbury and it was not long before Aylesbury finished off one of the hat full of chances they had created through Luke.

MEC Captain, Mehmoon, was trying to get his players to keep battling and work hard. This, he was leading from the front and was showing great leadership by taking the game to Aylesbury.

He was picking the ball up and running at the Aylesbury team, which was causing Aylesbury some problems, resulting in them committing fouls on him to stop his flow.

On the other end, MEC were still having problems with the Aylesbury attacking players and soon after it was 2-0 to Aylesbury with another excellent team goal, which was again finished off wonderfully by Luke, who was leading the line excellently for for Aylesbury.

The half ended with no more goals  from either side, with Aylesbury going in the happier of the two.

Second half saw a different story and whatever was said at half time, worked for MEC. Aylesbury on the other hand, as it has been their weakness in the league, started of the second half slow. There have been a number of occasion where they have been leading at half time comfortably and come the start of the second half they concede early, giving the opposition hope.

This was no different and MEC got the goal they deserved for their start. Now the game was proving to be more even affair and the half was ebb and flowing from one end to another.

Both teams were battling hard and it was proving to be a real tussle. Both keepers and defences were being kept busy and both teams were creating and missing chances.

In the end, Aylesbury ran out winners, with some thanks to Luke, who got his hat-trick and the winning goal but the game could have gone either way had both team not had their keepers on form but also if they had brought their shooting boots or finishing touches.

For MEC, as the new boys, this was a great boost, knowing having played one of the top teams in the league and competing with them in their second match of the league. This game will keep them in good stead going forward.


Maidenhead                3-10                 WISE A

WISE A’s second game the night was against Maidenhead, who arrived to join the party for the night.

The game started off with WISE A coming out the blocks faster than their counter parts. Maybe it was because WISE A were already warmed up with their previous game and Maidenhead were cold, but Maidenhead did not start off well.

Not before long they were 2-0 and looking out the game. They needed to warm and get a foothold in the game and they did once they had gone 2-0 down.

Maidenhead started to get in the game and started to win some of the 50-50 and second balls. They started to create chances and open WISE A up. This proved effective as they found the goal to get back in the game through some great team play.

Now they were on top and had WISE A on the back foot, who seemed to have lost their rhythm, this could have been to fatigue as it was their second game of the night.

The equalizer came soon after and now the game was set up nicely.

WISE A after the second goal had gone in found their second wind, which they needed and they knew they were in a game and if they did not step up and find something within they would not be the ones going home with the points.

The next goal was going be crucial to the outcome of the game and both teams were having a proper go, with both defences and goal keepers being kept busy.

WISE A got the crucial next goal and that proved to be catalyst for them to gain the upper hand going in to the half time break.

The second half saw Maidenhead trying to get back in the game and chase the game, which played into WISE A hands as they just hit them on the counter attack.

Maidenheads were starting to leave more spaces in the middle of the park and at the back – which WISE A exploited to fullest.

In the end WISE A ran away with the game, winning by a comfortable margin with Dyelle grabbing 4 on the night.

Maidenhead will have to go back to the drawing board and wonder what might have been.


Chesham                     3-3                   MEC

Final game of the night saw both Chesham and MEC play their second game of the night against each other and what a game it was

This was end to end thriller and one Chesham again let slip with some poor finishing again.

Toqeer, their top scorer had gone home as he was not fully fit and had come to play against WISE A and Chesham missed him dearly.

The game was saw both teams have a proper go at each other, with MEC having better of the early exchanges. For some reason, Chesham players seemed not at the races, with both teams playing their second game fatigue should not have been a factor but MEC seemed hungrier and were winning the 50-50’s and second balls.

This proved vital as MEC got the first goal of the game and it was a well worked goal. Mehmoon and Usman for MEC were causing problems for the Chesham players, who just were taking too many touches on the ball and forgot to do what they normal do.

With Toqeer not there and Imran, sitting out as a sub, Chesham were missing key components in the line-up and this proved crucial has MEC grabbed the second goal of the game. The half time could not come soon enough for Chesham to give them time to re-group.

They survived rest of the half thanks to Sheroz and the Goal Keeper who kept the score to 2-0 and no further damage. MEC on the other hand were buoyant and went in deservedly 2-0 up.

The half time team talk did wonders for Chesham and they needed it has they came out a different team. Imran came on and his experience and know how proved critical and changed the moment of the game.

It was not long before they got the goal to get them back in the game and now they started to get a foot hold in the game and were on top. MEC were struggling to cope but they kept battling and working hard.

Chesham hit them with a quick fire double to take the lead in the match for 1st time. Now they were in control of the match and MEC started to chase the game.

Slowly MEC started to get a foothold and cause trouble to Chesham and again it proved to be Captain Mehmoon who was the instigator and leader.

It was him who picked the ball up and drove at the Chesham players, which resulted in him being judged to have been fouled in the box by the referee. The Chesham players were adamant that it was not a foul or even in the box but the Ref had made his mind up and gave the penalty.

The penalty was dispatched by Usman of MEC with confidence and power, right down the middle in to the roof of the net. The Chesham keeper was unlucky as he got hand to it but the power and speed from that range was too much.

Now Chesham knew they had to get the winner to stay with the leaders and stepped on the gas. Chances came and went for both teams as they both chased the winner.

Chesham were having the better of the late exchanges as MEC seemed happy to run down the clock and take the point.

With couple of minutes remaining, Chesham knew they had to create one chance and a chance would come. That chance did come and it fell to Safeer after a lovely ball from Sheroz from the back, and with only the keeper to beat, Safeer placed the ball just over the bar when it seemed easier to score.

That was that and the game ended 3-3. Chesham again will rue the chances they missed and should have won the game comfortably. On the other hand, MEC will be boosted with the result and performance once again. Having played two of the top teams in the league on the same night and to come away with a narrow defeat and a draw, will keep them in good stead going forward and grow their confidence.