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Block 2 – Match day 7

MEC               1-9     Aylesbury

Match day 7 produced a match that highlighted that famous old saying “a game of two halves”. This sure was a game of two very contrasting halves and the score line does not tell half the story.

Aylesbury and MEC met for the 2nd time in the league and after the 1st encounter, which was a very close match, with Aylesbury coming out winners 3-2, this proved to be something of similar but only in the 1st half.

The 1st 10/15min of the match was very scrappy. There was no pattern to it, no flow to the game and this suited MEC more than Aylesbury as they got the better of them in those early exchanges.

The game was mostly being played in the middle of the park and there were lot of mistakes from both set of players. It was stop/start beginning to game with no clear cut chances. The match was being played at a reasonable pace and it was an even contest, with both set of players working very hard to get on top.

Aylesbury had gone into the game as league leaders and firm favourites. This thou did not show in the early stages of the match.

MEC were having the better of it and were showing a great work ethic, attitude and some brilliant closing down of space, not allowing the Aylesbury players anytime on the ball. They were winning all the second balls and were showing that little bit extra then their Aylesbury counter parts.

It came as no surprise when MEC took the lead with a well taken goal by Usman.

Now MEC had the goal, they grew in confidence and started to play some good stuff. With Captain Mehmoon leading from the front, and being well supported by Rizwan, Seraj Usman and Haseeb, they were having better of the match. Amjid was marshalling things at the back and Noman in goal was not being disturbed too much but when he was called into action, was proving to be a stumbling block for the Aylesbury players.

Taj for Aylesbury was the only one looking sharp and the one most likely to get them back in the game. He was only one that was giving MEC problems with rest of Aylesbury players showing no composure on the ball, making silly mistakes and being erratic on the ball with their passes and shooting.

In the final 10 minutes, Aylesbury finally started to get on top of MEC and control the game. Maybe MEC players were fatigued, their fitness levels were not good as Aylesbury but the pressing started to go missing and there was more space for Aylesbury players to exploit. That fatigue told in their passing as they started to give away the ball, easy simple passes were going astray and decision making was being effected, MEC started doing what the Aylesbury players had being doing.

This resulted in Aylesbury grabbing the equalizer to make it 1-1. It was an excellent goal. Now Aylesbury player’s tail was up and MEC had their backs to the walls.

We started to see the 1 touch, quick interchange from Aylesbury players that has become their trademark. Taj, Fabian, Qasim, Luke and Cam were in the flow now and they upped the pace and pressure. If it was not for Noman in goal and some last ditch tackles, Aylesbury would have taken the lead.

Also, luck was not their side, as Taj, picked the ball up 25 yards out, drove at the MEC defence and let rip a thunderbolt which cannoned off the bar, with the Keeper rooted to his spot.

The half ended 1-1, with game poised nicely.

The second half saw a totally contrast to the 1st.

Aylesbury brought on Abu, who they were saving and keeping in reserve as they had another big tournament the following day and did not want to risk him. What-ever was said at half time in the Aylesbury camp, it had an impact, especially on Fabian.

They tweaked their formation and with a little change of tactics saw them dominate the second half. If it was not for Noman in goal for MEC, the score would have been a lot worse.

After Aylesbury grabbed their 2nd goal to take the lead early in the second half, MEC had to chase the game, which left even more space for Aylesbury players to exploit, which they did to devastating effect.

Not sure what happened to MEC as they lost their shape, composure and stopped doing what they were doing so well in the 1st half. They seemed bit rattled, rushed and looked shattered as Aylesbury ran all over them in the half.

Fabian, along with Abu and Taj were now starting to play their stuff.

It was one-way traffic now and MEC players started to make silly mistakes and started blaming each other. Their body language at this stage was not good and physically they looked out of it.

Aylesbury, with their bigger squad, used their subs wisely and that was a major telling point as their players seemed fresher and fuller of energy due to them having rotating the subs.

The last 15 minutes of the game was about how many Aylesbury would get as Abu, Taj, Cam, Liam, Luke and Qasim got on the score sheet but the real star was Fabian again as for the 2nd game running, he grabbed another hat-rick.

The ref brought an excellent game to a close not long after that and both set of players shook hands, with MEC looking absolutely shattered. Fabian thou, from Aylesbury took the plaudits and match ball with his hat-rick.

It was another exceptional game and advertisement for the league.

Aylesbury confirmed their position at top of the league and took one step closer to the title which they narrowly lost on goal difference last year.