MOSQUE LEAGUE MATCH DAY 6 | Wycombe Wanderers
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WISE A                  4-2          WISE B

Matchday 6 saw a local derby, which matched some of the world’s famous derbies for passion, fouls, determination, great football, and end to end entertainment. The match started off very tense and both teams were very tentative. WISE A started off better and was the better team in those opening exchanges with their composure and confidence in possession and out of possession.

They were playing the better football and started to get into their stride with some slick passing and movement. They seemed to move quicker to the ball, hungrier and determined to make a mark on their rivals, who seemed not on the ball. WISE A deservedly took the lead through their front man Zia and should really have been out of sight. They grabbed their second goal through Sully and you thought that was going be the game but that woke up WISE B and all of a sudden, the last 10 minutes of the half you saw a different team. Either it was them stepping up or WISE A taking the foot off the gas, but WISE B started to dominate the match, winning every second ball, showing great determination and fight and they got just reward for that pressure and determination by grabbing a goal through Ahmed. It was more than what they deserved and they should have equalized as they opened up WISE A number of times in that period. It was chance after chance and they were playing some great football. WISE A was still dangerous on the counter and WISE B had their goalkeeper to thank as he was having a magnificent match with some amazing saves to keep his team in it, a trend he carried on in the second half.

The first half ended 2-1 to WISE A and it came at a right time for them but not for WISE B who were in the ascendency. The second half ebbed and flow and both teams created chances, were committing fouls on each other, niggling fouls but at the same time playing some good football. As WISE B pushed forward for that equalizer, they were leaving spaces at the back and that eventually was their undoing as WISE A finally punished them with one of the chances they had created on the break to grab their 3rd goal. This still did not dishearten their rivals who kept going and the game was frantic towards the end, both teams making mistakes but also creating chances. The scoreline could have been anything at that point but once WISE A had grabbed their 4th goal through Aiden, it was all over and the game ended 4-2 to WISE A but it could have been a lot different. The game was a thriller and both teams once the whistled had blown for the full time shook hands and knew they had played their part in a thriller.


Aylesbury            9 – 3       Chesham


The second match was another fantastic game and really opened up the title race. It was the league leaders, Chesham, who had previously looked the team to beat and had been exceptional in the matches previously, against the young guns from Aylesbury, who were finding their form and were a team starting to show their ability.

The previous match between these 2 teams was a one-sided affair, which was dominated by Chesham and on that day they had shown their class and experience against Aylesbury, who were playing their first match at that stage of the league.

But, this was a different Aylesbury from that day which is shown in how they are playing at the moment. The confidence they have and the football they are playing is showing that we might have a new challenger for the title and on current form, the favorites, which brings its own pressure.

Aylesbury started off sharper, quicker; more determined and got stuck right into the Chesham players. For some reason, the Chesham players were not on the ball and seemed were half asleep. Not sure if they took Aylesbury lightly because of their previous meeting, which they dominated but they looked lethargic, no movement, dis-jointed and individualistic, a total contrast from their previous games.

The space between their defense and attack was astonishing and the Aylesbury players were finding space time after time in the middle of the park, which they used exceptionally well to carve Chesham open at will. They were playing some beautiful football and it was not long before they scored the opening goal of the game, which was a well-worked and taken goal.

If it was not for the replacement keeper of Chesham, Shaz, who had come in for regular keeper and coupled with some very poor finishing, the scoreline could have been a cricket score, that’s how bad Chesham was playing. It was easy to see that they were missing their link in Safeer Butt who was the one that gelled the defense and attack together but that is not to take anything away from Aylesbury who were just wonderful to watch with their passing, movement, confidence and team discipline. Abu, Taj, and Aqeel were running riot and rings around the Chesham players. Aylesbury were 3-0 before Chesham showed any signs of playing football and that was only when Ali came off the bench for them and he started to take players on and gain some control of the game for the Chesham team with his composure on the ball and taking Aylesbury players on.

This was different Aylesbury team now and that did not deter them or let them lose their discipline and they kept their shape, kept playing and went in 4-1 at halftime.

The halftime came at a good time for Chesham and you thought they would come out a different team and get back into the game.

Whatever was said at the team talk during the break or the plans made, they quickly went straight out of the window from the kick-off as Ayelsbury scored straight away to make it 5-1. The Chesham players looked again half asleep and surprised by the pressing and tenacity of the Aylesbury players from the kickoff and you could see what their team talk had been and that goal really killed the game off.

The plan had worked for Aylesbury and rest of the half, the Chesham players tried their best to get back into the game, trying lots of different things, tactics but when you are chasing the game as they were, they kept leaving gaps and Aylesbury kept finding them. Chance after chance came for Aylesbury as Chesham attacked and they did score a couple of more goals with their top scorer and main striker, Toqeer,  going top of the scoring charts in the league with his double but that did not stop Aylesbury from scoring in the other end and for all his efforts in goal for Chesham, Shaz could not keep all of them out and Ayelsbury put 9 past him.

The only blemish for Aylesbury was in the last 5 minutes when their center back and rock Jabba got a needless second yellow card by catching the ball in the air and getting sent off. Luckily, there was not enough time left on the clock for it to be too costly.