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Block 2 – Match day 6

Chesham               3-4      Aylesbury

It was another belter on Match day 6 and we are truly being spoiled on a weekly basis with a match to saviour.

As we near the business end of the block, the top teams are pulling out all the stops to in their bid to crowned champions.

Chesham and Aylesbury, both crippled with injuries, missing players had called up some reserve and the reserve did not let them down or us with their performances. Chesham were bit more crippled than Aylesbury and were missing key players in the Butt brothers, which told in the end.

Nevertheless, this was an absolute thriller. The match was played at an unbelievable tempo and quality and both teams produced some enthralling football.

Aylesbury started off the brighter and showed off the fast start we are used to with them which was missing in their last match. Chesham, for the 1st 10 minutes looked all over the place and were being run over by the tempo and pace of Aylesbury players. It may have been because of so many reserve players that were playing that they looked disjointed and like they were playing for the 1st time together as a team.

Aylesbury took full advantage of this situation. They were opening Chesham up at will and had their players pinned into their own half. The Chesham players did not have a minute to breathe as they were made to chase the ball and made to work very hard to win the ball back.

It was not long before Aylesbury took the lead through Fabian, a lead that was well deserved for their bright start. They had gone 1-0 within the first 5 minutes and it was evident that they were hungry for more. The players could sense they were well on top and had their finishing been better, they probably would have been few goals clear and the match sewn up.

Chesham though were working their socks off to stay in the game. With some last ditch tackles, great saves by their GK, coupled with some poor finishing from the Aylesbury front men, they were surviving and staying in the game.

Aylesbury were still dominating the match, finding the gaps and spaces, playing the wonderful stuff we had come to expect and associate with them.

It was not soon after that they grabbed their second goal of game to go 2-0 up to put some distance between them and Chesham. It was a well taken goal by Cam from Aylesbury and it was exactly what Aylesbury needed and deserved for their dominance.

This seemed to wake Chesham up. Sheroz and Ali started to get into the game and have some say in the match. Ali was now seeing more of the ball and he was starting to cause problems to the Aylesbury players with his close control, quick feet and an eye for a pass.

Now the game started to have a more of even feel to it and no one can be sure if it was the Aylesbury players taking their foot of the pedal or Chesham players realising they needed to get a grip of themselves and the game, otherwise the match would be finished before it even started if things carried on the way they were.

Chesham keeper was having a wonderful game as he was keeping the Aylesbury players at bay with some fantastic saves. At the other end, Chesham were starting to create some half chances and apply some pressure on the Aylesbury defence.

This lead to the next goal, an all-important goal for Chesham, as they knew they had to grab the next goal in the match and they did. They got that goal through Itchy (Athishaam), who chased a hopeful ball and applied some pressure on Aylesbury centre back and GK, which caused confusion between the two, which led GK to make a mistake and leave Itchy an empty net to finish off and get Chesham right back in the game.

Aylesbury were missing their regular GK and had chosen Abu to go in goal as a cover, which probably was a reason for the mistake and confusion between the players.

The game was different now, it had a different feel as you sensed Chesham were starting to get in the ascendancy and have control of the game.

Aylesbury players started to make mistakes and the pressure from Chesham was growing on them.

The game now ebbed and flow from one end to another. It was attack after attack from both teams. The football was scintillating from both set of players. The midfield battle was exceptional as both set of players tried to get foot hold of the game.

Chesham grabbed the next goal in the game to get right back in the game and make it 2-2, with a long range strike from Ali, which, Abu, made a hash of by letting the ball spill out of his hands into the goal when it looked easier to catch it. It was a gift from Abu and Chesham had been given a life line and now their tails were up as they knew they were right back in the game and the match was nicely poised.

Chances came, chances went begging for rest of the half and the half ended with no more damage to score line and the game perfectly set up for the second half.

It was a breather we all needed.

The second half did not disappoint and we started off were we had left off.

Some of the football being played was a joy to watch. The technical quality on show from the players was of the highest quality.

Aylesbury had been using Taj and Abu wisely and along with Fabian, Abdullah, Cam and Luke, they were causing Chesham all sorts of problems with their one/two touch, pass and move and blistering pace.

They were not having it all their own way as Chesham, with Ali and Itchy complementing and matching the Aylesbury players with their own brand of brilliant football.

The next goal was always going to be important and Aylesbury grabbed it. It was an exceptional goal, and Fabian got it after missing a handful of chances and being guilty of missing when it was easier to score, this time he made no mistake and finished of a brilliant move with a clinical finish.

Now the game was wide open as Chesham went in search again of an equalizer. As they chased the game, Aylesbury set back and with the pace of their front 3, started to hit Chesham on the counter attack.

Both teams were working extremely hard and the game was on a knife edge.

It was still being played at blistering pace and both set of players were putting in a shift. The tackles were flying in and you could sense the pressure/tension from the side lines.

For Chesham, Ali still looked most likely to open things up for them to get that all important equalizer.

As Chesham chased the game, Aylesbury exploited the spaces they were leaving behind and grabbed their 4th goal of the game to re-store their 2 goal cushion and give themselves some breathing space. It was again, a brilliant goal, finished off by the brilliant Fabian.

You would have thought that was that, but to their credit, Chesham came roaring back. They still kept fighting and never gave up. They rewarded with a richly deserved goal not soon after with an excellent worked team goal, with Ali being the orchestrator and Junaid being the finisher with a fine strike.

At 4-3, the game now was tense and both set of players knew any mistake would be very costly. The football was still of a very high quality and chances kept coming.

Aylesbury, with that goal advantage knew they had to stay calm and not chase the game. Chances would come their way as Chesham had to chase the game and would be leaving spaces at back.

Both set of players looked shattered as we neared the last 5 minutes as they had put in everything they had.

Aylesbury started to run down the clock and keep the ball. Chesham worked extremely hard to win it back and try to create that one chance to grab the equalizer. The pressing increased but also the pressure increased.


Aylesbury should have buried the game but kept missing chances and being very erratic in front of goal when they needed some composure in front of goal. Chesham piled forward to get that vital goal and put immense pressure on the Aylesbury backline but they could not find a way through the defence or the goal keeper.

The ref brought an excellent game to a close not long after that and both set of players shook hands and discussed the game, with both knowing it was a match that could have gone either way and that there was not much difference in the teams. Fabian from Aylesbury took the plaudits and match ball with his hat-rick.

It was another exceptional game and advertisement for the league. As we enter into the last 2 match days, the league title is truly up for grabs. Aylesbury are in the ascendancy but as we seen, anything can happen in this league.

The last league title was won on goal difference and went down right to the last day and last game of the season. You would not bet against this one being the same and going down to the wire.

Roll on Match Day 7.