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Mosque League


Block 2 – Match day 5

WISE A               3-3      Aylesbury

Match day 5 produced the game of the season. The top 2, two teams vying for the title and top spot produced a thriller. This game was a treat to those on the side lines watching.

The quality of the football was exceptional along with desire and work rate. The pitch was not the best as it had snowed, yes, snowed about an hour earlier so the pitch was covered with snow when players arrived. This thou this not stop them producing a match to saviour.

Both teams knew this game could go long way in deciding who wins the league, so winning would be an advantage to the team that would win.

WISE A started off the brighter and better of the two teams. Aylesbury looked cold and not their usual self. Maybe it was the pitch but the fast start, high pressing we were use to from them was no wear to be seen. That cost them dearly as they were warming up mentally and physically, WISE A got straight on the front foot from the go and took advantage of Aylesbury’s slow start to be all over them.

It was not too long before WISE A took the lead, which their fast start deserved. It was a well worked and taken goal by Irfan, the league’s top scorer, who showed his strikers instinct and clinical finishing.

WISE A were winning all the second balls, were more aggressive and more determined than Aylesbury in those opening exchanges, who with Taj and Abu on subs, were lacking that quality and work rate from the go.

The game was heading one direction as WISE A players were finding so much time and space on the ball, winning the midfield battle and were simply controlling the game. It was being played at their pace and they had no pressure from Aylesbury players. This allowed them to open Aylesbury up time and again and while Aylesbury chased for the equalizer, WISE A grabbed their second from Asim, with a delightful goal to make it 2-0.

This seemed to finally wake Aylesbury players up and that was the point they made their subs with Taj and Abu coming on. In the second part of the half they started to have a say in the game and from that moment the game started to ebb and flow, with both teams now creating chances at will and both missing when it seemed easier to scorer. It was now more of an even game with both teams playing at high level and level we had seen before and knew they were capable off.

The end of the half saw a more even tighter game, and both teams should have scored. Irfan missed a sitter somehow when put through one on one with keeper and 2 minutes later missed another great opportunity to extend the lead.

The other end, Aylesbury strikers were not having any much luck either or same as WISE A, were being very wasteful and forgot their shooting boots as the finishing was letting them down also.

The half came to a close with the score somehow staying the same, with WISE A going in with a 2-0 lead and much happier of the two teams. For Aylesbury, they needed that half time to re-group and have a few words, even though they finished the half stronger.

The start of the second half was a total contrast from the 1st half. This was a different Aylesbury and whatever was said at half time, it did the job.

They came out much more determined, aggressive and started to produce the quality that they had shown throughout the league. Abu was leading them with great support from Taj, Luke and Fabian. The crisp passing, high pressing and the decision making on the ball improved immensely. The use of the ball in possession and desire and work rate to win it back when not in possession was back.

WISE A knew they were in for a game now and this is not going be as easy as the 1st half.

Aylesbury started to play the football everyone knew they can and started to control the game. They started to control the midfield, win the second ball but most importantly, their decision making and quality on the ball improved immensely. It was not long into the 2nd half that they struck to grab a goal and get right back in the game.

Now the game was open and it was going be anyone’s game.

WISE A still had the advantage and knew they just had to stay calm, keep playing and see this home.

While Aylesbury were pushing for the equalizer, they were leaving space at the back which WISE started to exploit.

Now WISE were sitting back, soaking up the pressure and hitting Aylesbury on the counter. This resulted in the next goal in the game with WISE A grabbing their 3rd, fourth of the game to give themselves some breathing space and re-store their 2 goal advantage.

Now that it was 3-1, Aylesbury had nothing to lose and knew the importance of the next goal and that they had to grab the next goal. The pressure seemed to make the Aylesbury players excel and play with extra freedom. They started to pop the ball round, do their 1-2 touch stuff, round the corner flicks and put WISE A under lot of pressure with their off the ball movement.

At other end, WISE A soaked up the pressure, kept creating chances but kept missing and this would prove to be vital.

The game was end to end and the quality of football from both teams was exceptional. There was hardly time to breath and it was just non-stop entertainment.

It was not long after that Aylesbury got that vital next goal with a beautifully worked and well finished as their work rate and football paid off and broke WISE A down.

It was all Aylesbury now and their players sensed it and they went for the juggler. The tables had turn and now it was Aylesbury all over WISE A.  They kept piling forward, winning all the battles and opening WISE up at will with their passing and movement.

It was not long before they got a well-deserved 3rd goal to equalize with 15 minutes left and now you could only see one winner and they were on top.

The final 15 minutes were nerve wrecking but the football was brilliant from both teams.

Aylesbury were in ascendancy but WISE were still dangerous and creating chances of their own. With Uzi and Asim in the middle and Irfan up front, they were not out of it and still had enough talent, skill and ability to keep with the resurgent Aylesbury players. The battle between the two set of players was brilliant to watch as they both were showcasing their talent and skill.

The next goal seemed around the corner, especially for Aylesbury but still do not know how Aylesbury did not manage to score in the last 10 minutes. They opened WISE up and went through one on one with keeper number of times and if they had not lacked composure when it counted, coupled with their wild striking, they would have got the all-important next goal and won the game.

Both teams were pushing for the winner and the space was plenty for both teams to exploit. Only thing missing from both set of players was the finishing touch as they missed some sitters. That final lack of composure and skill disappeared when most needed as the pressure and expectation told on them. Maybe it was the intensity and importance of the game that got to the players in the final few minutes.

WISE A had their Goal Keeper, Talha to thank for keeping the score down with an excellent save near the end.

Chances were being created and missed from both teams but the last few minutes, it was Aylesbury who looked most likely to create a clear cut chance and win the game.

That chance came with  just under a minute left as the ball came inches from going in with Talha, WISE A GK distracted and unsighted by Abu, as he was left stranded and both teams watched the ball narrowly go past the post.

That was the last action of the game as Richard, the referee blew the whistle few seconds after that to bring the game to the end.

The game ended 3-3 apiece and both set of players shook hands on what was a fantastic game of football and a showcase for the league. They had put everything into it and the teams could not be separated in the end.