Mosque League 2019 Match day Report 1 | Wycombe Wanderers
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Mosque League 2019 Match day Report 1

16 Jan Mosque League 2019 Match day Report 1

The second segment of the WWSET Inter -Mosque League was launched this week over at Cressex Astroturf. The Mosque League was initiated last year by WWSET after our successful Ramadaan Tournament working with local Mosques. The first segment was absolutely enthralling and saw individuals from 5 different towns come together to take part in the League on a weekly basis.

The 5 towns included Wycombe, Reading, Maidenhead, Chesham and Aylesbury and the title was decided on the last day with WISE A from Wycombe winning the league by goal difference.

 Match day 1

WISA A                 14-0                       MEC

The Champions, WISE A kicked of the new league block against new comers MEC and they showed why they are the champions. From the off set, they were in control of this game and ruthless in front of the goal.

Up front, they had Irfan Akhtar, who they had brought in half way through 1st segment of the league and he carried on his astonishing goal scoring in the league. He was brilliant in his finishing but the whole WISE A team were excellent in their moving the ball, passing, counter attacking and pressing when not in possession.

MEC were taken by surprise and did not really get into the game until they were 3-0 down. At that point they should have got a goal back when they created a wonderful chance but which they did not take and moments later they had a great shout for a penalty which again went against them and was not given. The rub of the green was not going with them and WISE A did not let up either. As MEC were pushing for the goal, they were leaving loads of spaces at the back and with MEC leaving 1 man at the back most of the time, WISE A exploited that wonderfully.

In the second half, there was no let up from WISE A and their ruthlessness. Even when they were 8-0 up, they kept chasing more goals and the lessons from the last league were fresh in their minds, having won the league by goal difference, knowing that each goal could count come end of the league.  

Some of the football that WISE were playing was exceptional. Dyelle, who was making his debut for WISE A got in the act and scored a worldly from 20 yards into the top corner, coming in from the right, having beaten couple of defenders to finish fantastically well.

Last 10 minutes, MEC had just down tooled and It was easy to see the effect it had on them but this was their 1st game, they were the new boys but they showed they have enough in the team to be ok in the league going forward. It was a good learning curve for them and they saw the standard that the league was providing in regards to the competition and hopefully this will keep them in good stead going forward. For WISE A, this was a statement and a stamp that they will not be giving up their title that easily and will be a force to be reckon with once again.

Aylesbury            9-0          Maidenhead

The second match on match day 1 saw Aylesbury up against Maidenhead. They both resumed their rivalry from the 1st block of the league and this was another excellent match between the 2 teams.

The match started off at an easy pace and both teams were tentative at the beginning. There were few chances for both of the teams and Aylesbury were 1st to strike to open the scoring and go 1-0 up. It was pretty even and cagy affair with both teams finding it hard to find space in the middle of the park and it was a great battle between the 2 set of midfielders.

As the half wore on, Aylesbury started to use the width and find the spaces in behind Maidenhead. This was causing problems for Maidenhead and this proved to be the undoing for them as Aylesbury grabbed the 2nd goal.

Now Maidenhead were chasing the game and this meant more spaces at the back for Aylesbury’s front 3 to exploit, which they did before the half ended to grab a well worked 3rd goal.

The second half came and Aylesbury, who had Abuzah in goal in the first half, took him out of goal in the second and put him up top with Tajdar. Abuzah was their best player of the last league and once he was out of goal, he and Taj started to boss the game along with the rest of the players.

As Maidenhead chased the game, Aylesbury counter attacked beautifully to punish them again and again.

The Aylesbury players started to move the ball more crisply and started to play the 1-2 touch that was the hall mark of their game in the 1st block. It was sharp and quick, into feet and this was proving to be too much for the Maidenhead players.

Maidenhead to their credit never gave up and kept fighting and their attitude was brilliant as a team. They still managed to create chances and on another night they could have scored a few goals.

In the end, Aylesbury ran out comfortable winners and will be again up there as one of the challengers for the title. After narrowly missing out on goal difference, they showed the hunger that they want to go better this time around.