Jamal Blackman & Scott Kashket help out WWSET | Wycombe Wanderers
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Jamal Blackman & Scott Kashket help out WWSET

17 Mar Jamal Blackman & Scott Kashket help out WWSET

Jamal Blackman & Scott Kashket join WWSET at Loudwater Primary School as part of the Premier League Primary Stars Programme


On Thursday 16th March pupils at Loudwater Primary School were lucky enough to be visited by two of Wycombe Wanderers 1st team stars, goalkeeper Jamal Blackman & striker Scott Kashket, who spent the afternoon with the children during their PE lessons whilst also assisting the clubs Sports & Education Trust deliver the Premier League Primary Stars (“PLPS”) programme.

The PLPS programme involves both Premier League and English Football League clubs engaging with local schools and using the appeal of professional football to connect with young people and create healthier and more positive futures.

More specifically the ambitions of the programme include:

  • helping primary teachers to deliver great PE and School Sport in their schools;
  • increasing children’s enjoyment, participation and skills in sport and other physical activity;
  • helping children develop the personal skills and values they need to achieve their goals;
  • enhancing children’s understanding of, and interest and confidence in, English and Maths;
  • supporting young people to take part in sport outside school;


Jay Hamon, who delivers the PLPS programme for WWSET was very happy to have had Jamal & Scott alongside him whilst running his sessions…


“It was fantastic to be joined by Jamal & Scott today. To be able to meet and interact with professional footballers during their PE lessons provides huge inspiration and motivation for the children to take part in other sporting and physical activity opportunities and adds significant value to what the Premier League Primary Stars programme aims to achieve.”


WWSET’s delivery model of the PLPS programme during season 2016-17 involves providing tailored packages of support to teachers in 15 local schools to help them acquire greater skills, knowledge and confidence concerned with PE delivery, and in particular the following areas:

  • Strategies to manage/challenge participants of different abilities;
  • Enhancing knowledge of different types of PE practices (eg: constant/variable/random activities);
  • Ways in which to maximise levels of individual activity;
  • Methods to achieve participant ownership and involvement;
  • Methods (and the importance) of measuring participant understanding & progress;
  • Ways of adapting sessions depending on the venue/environment/equipment available;
  • Ensuring maximum levels of individual enjoyment and motivation;
  • Linking sessions to other areas of the school curriculum (eg; Maths, English, Geography, History etc);
  • Demonstrating to participant’s transferable skills from sports participation that will assist their personal development in a non-sporting context (eg; teamwork, learning to win & lose, resilience, the importance of effort to overcome challenging situations etc).


In addition to the above the programme also involves WWSET delivering free lunch-time and after-school football clubs for the pupils of the participating schools, thereby increasing their access to safe and enjoyable physical activity opportunities.

Following the visit to the school, where in addition to assisting with the delivery of the PE lessons Scott and Jamal also took time to talk about their lives as players plus answer a whole host of the children’s questions, we asked Jamal for his thoughts on the Premier League Primary Stars programme and he had this to say…


“The Premier League Primary Stars programme is very good. It helps young kids get involved in sport and helps teachers who aren’t too confident delivering sport by giving them new techniques to use.”


As I’m sure you will agree, the Wycombe Wanderers players should be applauded for giving up their free time for such a good cause, and we’re sure that their visit will have gone some way towards  inspiring local kids to lead healthier and happier lives in the future!