INTER FAITH LEAGUE - MATCH DAY 1 | Wycombe Wanderers
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Inter Faith League


Block 3 – Match day 1

The Inter Faith League – is the growth and development of WWSET Mosque League, a first of its kind in the country, delivered by Trust of a professional football club.   The Mosque League was started back in September 2018, giving Mosques members in Berks & Bucks to come together to compete a league with other Mosques. Predominately targeting individuals of the Muslim faith, the league drew teams/mosques from all over Berks & Bucks and proved very popular and successful.

Since then, two blocks of the Mosque League  have been completed and to move forward, to grow and develop, WWSET decided to open up the league to other faith groups, individuals and faith establishment to join the league, ensuring we bring together people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures through the power of football.

Match day 1 was contested by 4 new teams who have joined the league and they provided a real treat and got the league of to a wonderful start.

Pitch 1



On pitch 1, we saw CJM take on Oak Lodge FC and both teams provided a great game of football. It was end to end, enthralling and great entertainment.

CJM started the game better than their counter parts OAK and had better of the early exchanges. They looked far sharper and hungrier with their high pressing and energy. This took OAK players by surprise and in those early exchanges CJM dominated proceedings.

The battle in middle of the park was tense and very competitive. There was little space in the middle as both team looked to take control of the game by winning the battle in the middle of the park.

CJM took the lead with a well worked goal through Krish and it was more than they deserved for their bright start.

The goal seemed to wake OAK players up and they started to get a foot hold in the game. From there onwards the match was a real tussle and end to end.

It was all out attack from both teams and this made it a real treat for spectators on the side.

CJM had Abrar in the middle of park, alongside Qasim and Krish and those 3 up front were causing a headache for the OAK management and players. They quick feet and passing were easy on eye, along with some excellent long range striking, which OAK had their GK Amjid to thank, for keeping the ball out.

On other side, OAK front 3 of Dani, young Ahmer and Naveed were causing CJM defence problems and a headache with their wonderful play. CJM also had their GK to thank, for maintaining their lead, coupled with some poor finishing by OAK players.

The match ebbed and flowed with both teams creating chances, missing chances when it looked easier to score and with little bit of quality and composure in front of goal, the scoreline would duly have been troubled.

OAK got the equalizer half way through the half with again a well worked team goal, finished off by Dani.

Now the match was set up nicely and both set of players were enjoying the challenge each was presented.

The final 3rd of the half saw both set of players look very leggy and tired as the fast pace of the game started to take its toll on both set of players. This led to both set of players to make mistakes and opened the game up nicely. All of sudden players were not tracking back as did not have the energy and this left plenty of space to exploit on the pitch.

First to take advantage of this were CJM as they took the lead with a well taken goal by their Captain marvel Abrar whose excellent work rate in the middle of park, running up and down deserved that goal. It was that run from the middle of the park that got him his goal, which he finished beautifully, given OAK GK Amjid no chance.

OAK for 2nd time had to come from behind and they went in search of that equalizer before half time came. They stepped up the pressure on CJM and got on the front foot.

The midfield started to take control in the middle of the park and the players started to win those crucial second balls. Maybe CJM players were playing for the half time whistle but they let OAK players back in the game and to be fair to the OAK players, they showed great resolve and courage.

That resolve and courage was rewarded few minutes before half time with an excellent goal through Naveed.

The Referee drew the game to a close not long after that as he blew for half time with game set up nicely at 2-2. At this stage, you could not pick a winner and there was not much separating the teams.

The second half started of how the first half had started with the break helping both set of players. It was frantic and fast paced again right from the word go.

Both set of players were trying to gain control and it was very tight in the middle of the park with hardly any space or time on the ball. The space was all in the wide areas which both teams were not utilising as they should be.

When they did, the chances came but chances came and went by with some poor finishing and decision making, plus some good GK.

The next goal would be crucial in potentially deciding the game and both set of players knew that as they looked to cut out the mistakes from the 1st half.

Some of the football being played from both set players was exceptional. The game was being played in a great spirit and it was real battle of tactical and technical ability.

CJM for the third time took the lead as Qasim grabbed their 3rd goal to lead 3-2. It was again a good team goal and with just under 15 minutes left, for CJM it was question do we hold or do we go for the kill.

For OAK, it was again finding that resolve, courage and never gives up attitude to come again for the third time in the game.

It was all attack from them as CJM looked to sit back and hit them on the counter. OAK were leaving plenty of space at the back as they went in search of the equalizer. CJM could not exploit that space and kill game off, which cost them as OAK got their equalizer through young Ahmer, whose performance deserved a goal which came through some great team play.

Now the game was there for one of the teams to grab a winner in those last 10 minutes and it was a frantic and end to end stuff.

It was compelling viewing as they both searched for the winner. Chances came and chances agonisingly went and in the end the Referee brought the game to a close with neither team able to find a winner as the game ended 3-3.

Overall both teams will be satisfied and 3-3 was a fair result as no team deserved to lose with hard work they put in. It is always good to open with a win but most important is always not to start with a loss. Both set of players hugged, shook hands and congratulated each as they knew they had played their part in an excellent game of football.




Pitch 2 saw NEXT FC and Jamia Rehmania make their debuts in the League against each other. This was again an exceptional game of football and two teams displaying some excellent football.

The game started with both set of players being very cautious and testing out what each other has got in their locker.

It was not long before both of them got in their stride and started to play their stuff. The early exchanges were tight and there was not much to choose between the 2 sides.

Both set of players were trying to get a foothold in the game and take control of the match. The space was limited, especially in the middle of the park and game was being played at fast pace.

NEXT FC created the 1st chance, which they did not take due to some good defending and excellent goal keeping.

Jamia joined the party and started to create chances of their own and now the game was evenly poised.

NEXT FC were 1st to strike and take the lead with an excellent strike from Laurence who finished in the bottom corner from outside the box, with a left foot drive giving Jamia GK no chance.

Now NEXT had taken the lead, they started to control the game and pace of the game. Jamia to their credit were battling very hard and not letting NEXT FC have all their own way in the game.

Both set of players were showing great work rate and attitude and at both ends the defences and GK were being kept busy. The middle of the park saw a great battle as both set of midfielders tried to assert their authority.

Some of the football being played was brilliant and the flicks, tricks and nutmegs were all coming out from both set of players.

Chances were being created from both teams and NEXT FC extended their lead through Will, after a mistake by the Jamia goal keeper, which gave Will an easy tap in, giving NEXT firm control of the match.

Jamia still kept battling and showing a great work rate and attitude. Their heads never dropped and they kept playing their stuff. The game was a real battle and even thou the score said 2-0 to NEXT FC, it really did not tell the whole story.

The game was being played at a very fast paced and there was no time on the ball for both set of players. All over the pitch, space was limited and it was a real battle and a tussle between the teams.

Near the end of the half, both set of players were showing fatigue and tiredness and this was leading to mistakes and poor decision making. Had it not been for the GKs and if the strikers had a bit more composure in front of goal, coupled with better decision making from the players, the score line would have been different come half time. As it was, the half ended 2-0 NEXT FC and they were firmly in control of the game as the Referee brought the half to a close.

The 2nd half started off with Jamia straight on the front foot with NEXT FC sitting back. Jamia knew they needed to score the next goal to get anything out the game.

This was shown in how they started the 2nd half and right from the go were pressing Next FC players and giving them no time at all on the ball. The desire shown by Jamia players was great but NEXT team were showing great application and work rate to match Jamia’s desire.

The game ebbed and flowed from one end to another. Both teams were creating chances and both were missing chances. With a little bit of quality and composure in front of goal from both set of players, would have seen the score rise for both team.

Jamia struck next and finally took one of their chances to make 2-1. Now we had a game on and Jamia players knew they were right in it. It was very tight affair and the team that would come out on top would be the one that handles the pressure and situation best.

That pressure told on Jamia GK as he made howler of seemingly nothing of a ball and letting Laurence with a tap in an empty goal from a yard out.

That released the pressure on NEXT FC players and now they could control the game. They knew all they had to do was see the game out with a two goal cushion.

NEXT players sat back, cut out the space for Jamia players and started to hit Jamia on the counter. As Jamia started to chase the game, they were leaving spaces at the back for NEXT FC players to exploit and if they had shown quality with their finishing, they would have put the game to bed.

With 5 minutes left, Jamia got their 2nd of the game and 5th of the match to ensure a tense finale as a moment of lapse in concentration cost NEXT.

Jamia had bit between their teeth as they searched for that equalizer and make sure they left with a point. NEXT FC players thou knew there was not much time left and they had to just see the game out.

Jamia applied pressure and create that final chance to grab the equalizer but the NEXT players held firm and made sure that strikes were limited and from a distance. They stayed compact and solid as a unit and denied Jamia any space in those final few minutes.

The Referee blew the whistle to bring an entertaining game to an end with NEXT FC holding on for a vital opening win.

For Jamia, it was a story of what might have been and they will go back to the drawing board to come again in the next match.

As the score line suggested, it was a close game between these two teams with NEXT FC showing that little bit extra experience and quality which resulted in them taking home the spoils to sit top of the table after Match day 1.