Fit and Fed Holiday programme | Wycombe Wanderers
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Fit and Fed Holiday programme

18 Apr Fit and Fed Holiday programme

Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust complete another successful Fit and Fed Holiday programme.

Fit and Fed is designed to help families who need it most, helping them with cooking tutorials, keeping their families active and providing them with a hearty meal. Across the Easter Half term WWSET ran Fit and Fed for four days at the Castlefield Community Centre in High Wycombe, the sessions engaged a total of 37 unique people including 26 children in a variety of activities designed to cater to the needs of a wide age range of participants.

In the lead, up to the holidays WWSET liaised with local schools to identify which pupils were currently receiving Free School Meals, and as such were more likely to find it more difficult to cover the additional family food costs over the holidays. Leaflets were distributed to these pupils and their families who were then invited to attend the sessions.

A distinctive difference of Fit & Fed sessions, compared to normal holiday camp sessions, is the introduction of the food element. In partnership with Khepera, WWSET provided a total of 83 lunches for the children and their families over the course of the 4 days.

A unique part of WWSET’s programme was to not only simply provide the meals, but also provide an educational side aimed at teaching the young people about how to cook and eat healthily.

This was achieved by running family cooking tutorials alongside the sporting activities. Tutorials were led by chefs from Khepera involved young people learning the basic skills required when preparing a meal, such as, cutting, preparing and cooking vegetables. For many this was the first time they had been taught cooking skills like this – having these skills is a crucial first step in enabling them to eat healthily in the future.

The sessions were a great success in encouraging families to be fit and healthy together. Parents also commented on the ‘community spirit’ which the sessions fostered – with many different families coming to the sessions from across Wycombe – from different cultures, ages and schools all playing sport together.

To date WWSET have run 25 Fit and Fed sessions within the Summer, October, Xmas, February and Easter holidays, in total we have supported 262 people (182 children and 80 parents) to stay “Fit and Fed” during the holidays, have provided 486 meals (made by the children) and have provided access to 50 hours of physical activity.

WWSET are currently looking for further funding to be able to carry on this amazing work – if you know of any business or funding potentials WWSET could contact please let us know by contacting Sam Parker on