#EFLDayOfDisabilities | Wycombe Wanderers
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03 Dec #EFLDayOfDisabilities

WWSET has been delivering its engaging and active PAN disability sessions for over 2 years now at 2 different venues. The sessions bring together adults with various disabilities and abilities to socialise and have fun, using the power of sports. We deliver one session on Monday morning at Wycombe Sports Center, from 11 am to 12 pm and the second session at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on a Tuesday evening. The sessions revolve around participants working on their ABC’s, the fundamental movements through different activities with a ball and without a ball. The important factor of the session is fun and engagement and having an opportunity to socialise.

One of the participants, who have been coming since day one, Adrian is a joy to coach. He is the live wire of the group and football mad. Adrian switches his loyalties between Wycombe and Luton as his dad is a Luton supporter but his dream is to play for Wycombe and during the session is full of fun. His character is special and he loves helping with the session, be it putting cones out, helping other participants with activities and is a really great leader of the group. His enthusiasm brushes on others and makes the session so engaging and fun.

“Our disability is a really great joy to be part of. It is very rewarding and to see the smile on the faces on the participants is fantastic. For some, this is the highlight of their week and they look forward it to so much. Not just the footballing or sports side but just that interaction and social acceptance of the session. As the lead on the program, it really does bring a smile to my face to know that we are bringing a smile to the participants, giving them opportunities to take part in sports and being the highlight of their week”.