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Primary And Secondary Future Goals 2.0

For more information about our Future Goals programme click on the links below.

Secondary Future Goals 2.0 Brochure


About Future Goals

Following the successful delivery of our Future Goals project to Secondary Schools during the 2019-20 academic year (pre-Covid-19), we have launched Future Goals 2.0 for Primary and Secondary Schools after having successfully secured funding continuation from Buckinghamshire Council via their Young People Mentoring Grant for another year of delivery.

Future Goals 2.0, focuses on positive engagement with young people who are in years 5 to 10.

The project specifically targets pupils who are disengaged with education, disruptive at school, and who outside of school may be:

· less inclined to complete homework

· are inactive

· have low self-esteem and self-worth

The practical delivery of WWSET’s Future Goals 2.0 Project centres around helping those children mentioned above, within the classroom and individually, to overcome their personal issues and challenges, therefore enabling them to flourish as they move forward.

Project Aims

WWSET want every child to have the support they need to unlock their full potential, whatever their background or current situation.

The aim of the Primary Future Goals 2.0 Project is to provide targeted support for local children/young people in school years 5 to 10 who are not fully engaged in their current school setting and are most at risk of making poor decisions.

The Primary Future Goals 2.0 Project will deliver positive and dedicated one-to-one mentoring support alongside group / class activities which will assist participants in six priority areas that can be seen in more detail opposite.



As part of the Future Goals 2.0 Project each targeted participant will receive a 30-minute targeted 1:1 session with a member of WWSET staff each week. Over the course of the project this equates to each pupil receiving 900 minutes targeted 1:1 mentoring, focusing on identifying 

agreed areas for personal development, alongside some reading and/or targeted intervention work (as arranged with the class teacher)

Each 1:1 session will need to be carried out in a safe and private space allowing individuals the opportunity to build a positive and productive relationship with their WWSET mentor.

A personal action plan will be drawn up and implemented in order to monitor and track individuals’ progress.

*In the event of prolonged school closure during the delivery period similar to that caused by Covid-19 WWSET will attempt to continue mentoring via an online platform to ensure continuity and support during difficult periods.

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