Wycombe Wanderers | Premier League Primary Stars Programme
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Premier League Primary Stars Programme


In Autumn 2015, the Premier League (PL) made a commitment to the government to expand its schools offer to every primary school in England and Wales by 2022. In order to assist the PL in achieving this target, Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust are delivering the PL Primary Stars programme.

Our programme has been designed to provide targeted P.E mentoring support to primary school teachers delivering the P.E National Curriculum in areas such as:

  • Strategies to manage/challenge participants of different abilities;
  • Enhancing knowledge of different types of PE practices (eg: constant/variable/random activities);
  • Ways in which to maximise levels of individual activity;
  • Methods to achieve participant ownership and involvement;
  • Methods (and the importance) of measuring participant understanding & progress;
  • Ways of adapting sessions depending on the venue/environment/equipment available;
  • Ensuring maximum levels of individual enjoyment and motivation;
  • Linking sessions to other areas of the school curriculum (eg; Maths, English, Geography, History etc);
  • Demonstrating to participant’s transferable skills from sports participation that will assist their personal development in a non-sporting context (eg; teamwork, learning to win & lose, resilience, the importance of effort to overcome challenging situations etc).

Known as the PL Primary Stars, our free programme works with local primary school teachers and over the course of 10 weeks takes them on a journey which involves initially exploring their strengths and areas for improvement when delivering PE, before formulating a personalised plan of action which seeks to maximise the productivity of their sessions.

Having begun in September 2016 WWSET are delivering support programmes to 10 individual teachers in each of the 3 academic terms during the school year.

One of the first schools to sign up was Hughenden Primary, and their P.E coordinator had this to say about the programme…

 “Managing the differences in abilities amongst my pupil’s during PE lessons was an area I wanted to improve. Thanks to the Premier League Teaching Stars programme I now have some great ideas and techniques which allow me to ensure that all children feel challenged at an appropriate level no matter what their ability or experience.”

WWSET P.E mentor Jay Hamon, who is in charge of delivering the programme in schools had this to say…

“It’s a fact that initial teacher training does not dedicate enough time and energy to ensuring that newly qualified teachers are suitably skilled to deliver high quality PE lessons. This results in PE lessons throughout the country being delivered to children who don’t achieve the benefits that they should. With the help of the Premier League we are pleased to be able to support local teachers in delivering high quality sessions which achieve maximum impact in terms of learning outcomes”

The feedback from teachers we have worked with so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we are looking forward to further developing the programme moving forward…

If you would like your school to take part in the Premier League Primary Stars programme then please contact

Jay Hamon via email (jay.hamon@wwfc.com) or call 01494455736


Please click below for the Premier League summary leaflet

PL Primary Stars Summary Leaflet