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Future Goals 

The Future Goals Project, which is completely free to schools and parents, focuses on positive engagement with young people who are in years 8, 9 or 10 during the academic year 2019 – 2020.

The project specifically targets pupils who are:

Committing low level disorder and anti-social behaviour;

At risk of being drawn into low level gang activity;

At risk of being recruited into more serious criminal activity;

Excluded from school and education or not in employment;

Referred to Early Help or Youth Offending Services.

The practical delivery of WWSET’s Future Goals project places a large emphasis on helping those who are disengaged with education, at risk of exclusion from mainstream schools, and those that struggle to overcome their particular challenges, enabling them to flourish.

Future Goals has five main aims:

  • Build resilience and the ability to overcome challenges
  • Raise life and career aspirations
  • Developing social and life skills
  • Increase the ability to establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Increase levels of self-esteem and Self Worth
  • Increase levels in positive activities.


Future Goals is a 30-week course broken down in to three 10-week blocks mirroring the school terms. The Future Goals Project will be based at Adams Park stadium, the home of Wycombe

Throughout the duration of the Future Goals Project, morning sessions will have a numeracy and literacy focus based on the needs of the individual.

The afternoon sessions will have an on-going theme based on the following topics:

  • Personal Development
  • Social and Mental wellbeing
  • Dangers of drugs
  • Inclusion
  • Dangers of gang involvement
  • Confidence
  • Peer pressures
  • Cross-curricular projects
  • Resilience
  • Building and maintaining positive friendships/relationship


In addition to the subject topics listed above, all participants will undertake a bespoke 1-day first aid course which teaches skills including basic life support, surveying a casualty, unconsciousness, control of bleeding, control of burns and the recovery position.

Furthermore all participants will undertake a Sports Leader Course.

As part of the Future Goals Project each student will receive a 20-minute targeted mentoring session with a member of WWSET staff each week. Over the course of the project this equates to each student receiving 620 minutes targeted mentoring, focusing on identifying agreed areas for personal development.

Each mentoring session will be carried out in a safe and private space allowing individuals the opportunity to build a positive and productive relationship with their WWSET mentor.

A personal action plan will be drawn up and implemented in order to monitor and track individuals’ progress.

For further information please contact Education Manager mark.heath@wwfc.com