Wycombe Wanderers | EDA TALENT I.D DAY
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The EDA was started under the management of the Sports & Education Trust with the main aim of minimising the difference in standards between the strongest grassroots players and the level required to be signed by a professional clubs academy.

The EDA exists in order to compliment the coaching that talented players receive from the junior football clubs they play for and to give every child who attends the best opportunity of reaching their full potential and playing at the highest possible level.

The EDA sessions complement the coaching players receive at their junior clubs, and the clubs themselves benefit from their players training within the challenging EDA environment alongside other players of similarly high ability.

Over the years the EDA has developed a fantastic reputation for producing young talented footballers through the quality of the coaching sessions which run in accordance with the EDA’s football philosophy. This philosophy is based on the encouragement of ‘technical grooving’ through the repetition of challenging and focused practice, as well as the creation of an environment that encourages freedom to express individuality without fear of failure. In addition, EDA players have the opportunity to challenge themselves within fixtures against other professional clubs. These fixtures take place during the school holidays in order to avoid any clashes/conflict of interest between the EDA and junior football clubs.


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